Dip Them In The Milk

A bit late in posting this but here it is! Everyone’s support in the run up to the event was amazing and I am still overwhelmed by all the loveliness that was thrown my way. A hugh thank you to everyone who voted (not forgetting those who helped me make it), you all made my night very special indeed :D

Audience Award - Cast Your Vote!

My film has been shortlisted for the Audience Award at Edinburgh Printmakers!

To show your support all you have to do is go on to the youtube page through the link above and give it the thumbs up. Easy peasy!

The support I have received from everyone so far has been phenomenal which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. A massive thank you goes out to all those wonderful people.

Here it is!!!

'Mind Games: The True Reality of Imaginary Friends' is now available for your delectation. To be enjoyed with a banana or banana flavoured food substance.

Thanks to everyone who made it to the Degree Show opening last night. It was all very wonderful and surreal so the week ahead should prove to be just as exciting. It is an honour to be included in such a talented and friendly bunch of individuals (i.e. the Time Based Art-ers) and work with so many great people outside of that as well.

The film will be available online in the coming week so watch this space!

Time Based Art at the Degree Show…check it out here:


Exhibition runs from 18th - 26th May (special preview 17th)

All ready for assessments!

Sample of business cards from instantprint.com.

Final titles designed by Lisa Crone.


Doing a bit of banana stenciling for the Degree Show.

Title font before and after.

Colour Correction 1 - Before and After

Colour Correction 2 - Before and After

Entry for Dundee’s 48 Hour Film Competition “2 Days of Darkness”.

Genre: Supernatural

Location: Seaside

Line: Behind his veneer of respectability lies a dark clandestine secret.

On Set Diary - Day 4 (28/02/13)

Four days in and we were on a roll. Not literally, as I’m not sure where you would get bread that big. Today was the day we were filming all of Annie’s scenes. This involved a seperate interview as well as the scenes with Colin and Jeff all together. In a last minute panic, after having bought balloons to use as a prop to show she was a children’s entertainer, we realised we could not blow them up and had to hastily purchase a balloon pump. Luckily there was also a pirate costume complete with sword that everyone had good fun whilst waiting on said balloon pump. A change of location for the last scene of the day and we were rushing around making food props (scambled egg and banana) and lighting tea lights for the romantic dinner before it got too dark. Another 40 or so minutes and a room full of cigarette smoke later we were finished and all headed off for a well earned break before filming the last couple of scenes later that week.

Here is a sample of the cutaways we shot during filming, all containing bright primary colours.

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